Nova Metale

Investments of Nova Metale - 2D and 3D lasers

An assembly of two lasers 2D - TruLaser 5030 fiber (L76) is currently being implemented at the production plant of Nova Metale in Ostaszewo / Poland. Both machines will have a working area of 1500 x 3000 mm. The lasers are intended for cutting sheets made of stainless steel and aluminum of a maximum thickness of 25 mm.

A laser cutting of round, square and rectangular tubes made of stainless steel and aluminum will be another novelty in Nova Trading group’s offer. The TruLaser Tube 7000 fiber laser will be started at the end of this year. This equipment will be used to cut tubes of the maximum wall thickness of 6 mm and length up to 6500 mm. The maximum outside diameter for round tubes will be 254 mm, while the minimum inside diameter 12 mm. Ranges for square and rectangular tubes: maximum length of the side and diameter of the circle circumscribed about a box section - 220 mm and 254 mm respectively; maximum length of the side for square tubes - 180 mm; minimum side length - 12 mm; maximum tube weight - 40 kg/m.