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3D laser for cutting tubes and profiles
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Laser cut elements (3D)

Nova Metale manufactures laser cut elements from profiles and round, square and rectangular tubes.

Considering the possibility to specify exact parameters for the products, manufactured by Nova Metale, which can be intended for the particular application, they are used in industrial production in many sectors of the economy (more - see the OFFER FOR THE INDUSTRY tab).

Nova Metale uses its own materials made of stainless steel for the production. The company offers also 3D laser cutting on the material provided by the Customer.


Possibility to cut:

  • round tubes
  • square and rectangular tubes
  • L and U profiles
Max. wall thickness
6 mm
Max. length
6.500 mm
Max. weight
40 kg/m
Degree cut
up to 45
File format


Max. outside diameter
254 mm
Min. outside diameter
12 mm


Max. length of the side for square tubes
180 mm
Max. length of the side for rectangular tubes
220 mm
Min. side length
12 mm


Cutting precision
zgodnie z EN ISO 9013
Dimensional tolerances
zgodnie z EN ISO 2768

Note: minimum order quantity applies.

We guarantee the highest quality of production
High dimensional accuracy
Very good quality of the cut edges
Better welding quality thanks to optimized bevels for welded joints
Possibility of cutting at a fixed angle
Maintaining precise cutting tolerances
High standard of product protection during storage and transport
Możliwość wycinania skomplikowanych kształtów
The ability to cut complex shapes
Możliwość tworzenia nowatorskich produktów
Possibility to create innovative products
Oszczędność materiału – ograniczenie ilości odpadów
Material savings - waste reduction
Obniżenie kosztów produkcji
Lowering production costs
Dostawy elementów o gwarantowanej jakości
Deliveries of components of guaranteed quality
Skrócenie czasu produkcji i terminu dostawy gotowych produktów
Shortening the production time and delivery time for finished products
Laser 3D do cięcia rur i profili / 3D laser for cutting tubes

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